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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. You couldn't find the answer you were looking for? 
Feel free to contact us.


How can I Join?

Either you can click on the Join Buttons, that are placed on the sites or the one in the Header to find the registration site.

Why can't I watch films?

To see the movies you need to be in a group. To get into one, you need to be authenticated by the leader of the group, you try to join.

Do I need to pay for something?

The Tickets to the movie may cost something, but the use of the website and the communication with other users is free.

How do I become a Youth council member?

If you are interrested in becoming a member please contact us, with the contact form in the footer of this site.

Is it possible to join, if I'm older/younger?

No. because of the fact, that we want to get the opinions of the young people, you can not join when you are over 19 years old. The younger people (below 14) can't join as well.

Do you need some kind of knowledge to join ?

Anyone who's interrested in europes film culture and want to discuss about it can join. Whether you are an expert or just interressted, you are welcome.

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