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European Film Academy

The European Film Academy was founded in 1989 as the European Cinema Society by its first president Ingmar Bergman and 40 filmmakers to advance the interests of the European film industry.


Promoting Europe's film culture

The  Academy seeks to support and connect its 4,400 members and celebrates and promotes their work. 

It aims to share knowledge and to educate audiences of all ages about European cinema. 

Positioning itself as a leading organization and facilitating crucial debates within the industry, the Academy strives to unite everyone who loves European cinema, culminating anually in the Month of European Film and the European Film Awards, and by launching the European Film Club. 

The Month of European Film

With the aim to celebrate and grow interest in European works, the first official Month of European Film will take place in November 2022, in several European cities. The project is to be developped to more countries and cities, as well as online, in the years to come. 

The Month of European Films highlights works of European filmmakers and helps reach new and extended audiences through various communities of cinephiles. 

It's a great opportunity to discover films in a setting that allows people to immerse themselves, share their experience of discovering European films and enjoy discussions on the films they watched.



European Film Academy Website

For more Information visit the European Film Academy website or our social media channels.

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Honouring the greatest achievements in European cinema at European Film Awards

The Academy’s highest profile activity is the annual European Film Awards, honouring the greatest achievements in European cinema each year. 

Streamed and broadcast live across Europe every December, the awards are presented for 26 categories. 

In 2021, during the Awards’ Ceremony that took place in Berlin, the EUROPEAN SHORT FILM category was presented by three young people from different European countries, they announced and expressed their thoughts on each of the five nominees. 

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