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”Being a stranger, doesn’t necessarily mean to come from the farthest away..” This quite obvious, but never the less extremely important lesson, is what Karl and his mother is about to learn, when they move from the very fundamentally christian area of Hvide Sande on the west coast of Jutland, to the ethnichally (and religiously) mixed area of Nørrebro inside Copenhagen. Sawsan – a young islamic girl in Karl’s class – takes him under her caring wings, and tries to integrate him into the big city, with all it’s slang and hipness. Sawsan is far more experienced and blunt, than you’ll normally see amongst her peers – but also in comparison with this young danish boy from the darkest Jutland. That is only until, though, that her big dream comes true, and one of her homemade songs are being chosen for the Danish MGP for kids. Her father of course says NO – but Karl has other plans..!

Martin Miehe-Renard

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