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Here you will find news and articles about European Film Club, the Academy's other programmes, partners, festivals, film news, latest interviews and upcoming events


Young Audience Summit:

The European Film Academy organised with the Young Audience Summit a more extended event that allowed to discuss in depth some of the topics that are important to the youth. It took place in Berlin on 19 June as a hybrid event and was broadcast live from the Film University Konrad Wolf in Babelsberg. Eleven members of the Youth Council of the EFA hosted it and a total of 70 young people from over 20 countries joined them online.


European Film Club in Cannes:

On Sunday, 22 May of 2022 the European Film Club was presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

The event took place at the South East European Pavilion, where Mark Higham, head of the European Film Club,  presented and explained the concept of the project.

The European Film Club is being genuinely co-created by young people across Europe and will be tested in 20 European countries this year before a full roll out across the continent in 2023. 

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