The 2022 edition of the YOUNG AUDIENCE SUMMIT took place in Berlin on June 19th, and was organised around the theme of representation and how European film reflects and represents young people, shapes identity and a sense of European culture.

The hybrid event was hosted and broadcast live from the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, where 11 of the 13 members of the Youth Council welcomed other youngsters, who joined them online.


The goal was to look at and celebrate examples of good practice as well as where the industry falls short. 

The Youth Council members in Berlin

“We as young people have responsibility to promote tolerance, especially in times like these.” Raluca, Romania, Youth Council member

The Young Audience Summit 2022 explored and discussed many aspects of Representation ​​




Are there enough diverse characters in kid’s media?


Should roles be played by actors with same characteristics?


Is the media that children consume age appropriate?

Discussing how women are represented in front of and behind the camera, how well contemporary gender issues are represented and how stereotypes are reinforced or challenged​.

How accurately is racism reflected on film?


Why do diverse histories remain untold?


Should films that feature discriminatory language or depictions be removed?


How well is indigenous and/or minority culture is represented?

Youth Council Member
Youth Council Member
Youth Council Member

Actively engaged and deeply committed, the young participants raised key issues and didn’t shy away from critical aspects, agreeing that a wider and better representation is an absolute necessity not just in kids’ media but also in European film in general.

The same goes for the importance of having more diverse stories told, and a greater gender balance in front and behind the cameras.


“Young people in my breakout group said they want to see more untold histories because we learn more from them than known stories”

Emmerson, UK, Youth Council member


Also, as a part of the day’s programme, the short films MERYEM by Reber Dosky and THE LONG GOODBYE by Aneil Karia where screened and debated by the young people, who then had the chance to take part in a Q&A with Leon Ung, one of the young actors of The Long Goodbye.


Meryem by Reber Dosky was nominated for European Short Film at the 2018 edition of the European Film Awards. Filmed during the battle of Kobani, this film reveals the women at the heart of the fight against IS. With stoical perseverance and the aid of American airstrikes, these women are leading the fight for freedom.

riz_img_12 (1).jpg

The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye by Aneil Karia was the winner of 2022 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. Produced, co-written, and starring Riz Ahmed, it tells the story of a typical family day in their house, whilst a far-right march plays out on the telly in the background, which eventually arrives at their front door, leading to a devastating outcome


“If a child is old enough to experience racism their peers are old enough to learn about it” Luca, Germany

Emmerson, UK, Youth Council member

"With minorities being in different films, it's a way of representing yourself and it's a way of showing the person that there is light at the end of the tunnel."

Thomas, Spain, Youth Council member

"When I was a kid, I didn't see any kind of LGBTQA+ presentation on the TV shows that I watch. So, it was kind of hard for me to understand that there were people like me, for example, because I'm proud of the community."

Why Representation?