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Young Audience Summit

The Young Audience Summit is an annual event hosted by young people with participants from 20+ countries exploring important topics on film. The 2022 Summit focused on Representation, especially Racism & Untold Histories, Gender Representation and Kid's Media. 


2022 Event

The 2022 edition of the YOUNG AUDIENCE SUMMIT took place in Berlin on June 19th, and was organised around the theme of representation and how European film reflects and represents young people, shapes identity and a sense of European culture.

The hybrid event was hosted and broadcast live from the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, where 11  members of the Youth Council welcomed other youngsters from all over Europe, who joined them online.

The goal was to look at and celebrate examples of good practice as well as where the industry falls short.


2021 Event

The European Film Academy Young Audience Summit 2021 was co-created by and for former YAA participants and other young film enthusiasts.


The event took place online on April 17th 2021 with 79 young people attending from 25 countries. It explored plans to develop a European Film Club as well as questions such as:
Should films be given a higher priority in schools?
How important are films to young people?
And can we create a sense of European culture through cinema?

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